IRON HORSE RIDERS MC  


                                     MISSION STATEMENT

The purpose of SMAIMC and IHRMC is to have and encourage stronger ties within our communities. We are a brotherhood/sisterhood of all nations that love to ride the  iron horses of modern times. We also believe in our own cultures and living the good way of our relatives and to teach and learn our ways to the best of our abilities. Always remembering the price our relatives have payed so we can live free. Free to express ourselves, free to unite, free to carry on the old teachings that tell generations to come that we have a right to practice our ways and that no one can deny us and free to learn the ways of other races so we may better understand each other god has given us the duty to watch over our mother earth and to practice our languages and our ways in order to keep alive the very essence of who we are as people of this earth. We carry this message as we ride united as one to the different fires throughout America and abroad to build friendships , meet new family and share with other circles, the spirit of life, to the best of our ability's. Sharing the freedom of the road and the biker lifestyle and upholding the idea of brotherhood and trust.

             We are out of central South Dakota. We are not a 1% club and are non-territorial. We respect all clubs and their rights We do not judge other clubs for any decisions they make. We respect all clubs and their interests. We will strive to support as many clubs, groups or organizations in the areas we have chapters in regardless of what part of the biker world they belong too. We will do this by attending as many club,group or ororganizationannl events,rallies and party's as we can.

             We started out as a native American motorcycle club but we have friends and brothers of all races that love to ride as we do, so we decided to expand the club to include all races.( We will run 2 different top  rockers 1 with the Dakota version and 1 with the English version.)
             We do not just ride our bikes on week-ends or wear  our leathers as a fashion statement , we seriously reflect the values of brotherhood/sisterhood, biker camaraderie ,  and supporting the biker communities as well as our local communities.
             We do not promote the idea that one bike brand, one gender, one race, or one biker attitude is better.The great diversity that exists in the world of motorcycling is also important  to the club so our club is open to male and female riders, riders of every ethnicity, riders of all brands of motorcycles and people of all walks of life.
             We strive to have members from a large age range . our belief  in having members from young to old is not just a belief rooted in the idea that the young can learn from the oldor that the young can provide fresh energy and enthusiasm, it is both ,it is the idea that we all can learn from each other.

             So if you like to ride and you would like to see if you have a place with our club , contact a member ,or get a hold of us through our website,come and ride with us and get to know us and let us get to know you.

              AS I said we are out of central South Dakota.   SUNKAWANKAN  MAZA AKANYANKAPI  in the Dakota language means IRON HORSE RIDERS.
                 IMC is for indian motorcycle club.
              The two patches we run are are on this page  SUNKAWANKAN  MAZA AKANYANKAPI  IMC (top)  And   IRON HORSE RIDERS MC   (bottom)
                  Sign our guest book and let us know what you think.

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